About Us

HomeTheatre.  Make that spare bedroom into a home theater.  Smart Home, entertaining, large screen, movie theater seating, and so many more options to add.

Based in New York, Alarms N More offers more than just custom high end residential and commercial Audio, Video, & Security installations.  

Alarms N More offers a simple way for customers to integrate products with their life style.  At Alarms N More we don't stock any equipment so when we design a system for you we design it for your needs, and not design it to get rid of what we have a lot of in stock, like most big box stores will do.  So you know you will get the best possible system for your needs and budget.  

In order to create quality residential and commercial systems only the best innovative technologies and cutting edge dependable  brands are offered.  Alarms N More employees trained and authorized dealers for all equipment we sell.  

Alarms N More showcases a wide range of brand names,  such as Artisan, Apple, Bose, Boston Acustic, Brightsign, LG, Lutron, Martin Logan, Napco, Nuvo, Panasonic, Samsung, and many more.  

Whether you are a builder looking for a first class professional low voltage partner, or an interior designer needing to build or redesign a custom home theater,  or a homeowner looking to build a new home or renovate or update your current home.  

Please call us to talk about how Alarms N More can partner with you for all of your home and business needs.  We have 100% reference able client and builder base and look forward to talk with you.  

We will install alarms systems with or without Central Station.  We care about the security system, not just getting a Central Station contract.  Two doors and monitor is an alarm system, NOT a security system.  We design our security system for the individual's home and or Business.


In Home/Business Consultation

  • Alarms N More provides a customized "in home/business" consultation,
    evaluation and written estimate for you.  

Some Of The Things We Provide

  • 24 hour monitoring 365 days a year. 
  • Press a single button to turn off the lights, lower thermostats, and turn on the security system on the way out the door or when retiring for the night. This also can be done by your smart phone away from your home or place of business. 
  • Call or login to your computer from anywhere to check the status of your home/business or adjust lights and temperatures. 
  • Check security cameras from any TV in your house or your Ipad while away from your house/business. 
  • Be alerted to carbon monoxide, freezing conditions or water leaks wherever you are. 
  • We offer this and so much more.